Multilayer systems analysis with kernel tracing

The 3rd International Symposium on InterCloud and IoT

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Publication authors (members): 
C├ędric Biancheri
Michel Dagenais
Naser Ezzati Jivan
ICI 2016
@INPROCEEDINGS{7592692, author={C. Biancheri and N. E. Jivan and M. R. Dagenais}, booktitle={2016 IEEE 4th International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud Workshops (FiCloudW)}, title={Multilayer Virtualized Systems Analysis with Kernel Tracing}, year={2016}, pages={1-6}, keywords={operating system kernels;virtual machines;kernel tracing;multilayer virtualized systems analysis;resource sharing;traced machines;virtual CPUs;virtual machines;Containers;Data models;Kernel;Nonhomogeneous media;Synchronization;Virtual machine monitors;Virtual machining;kernel tracing;multilayer analysis;virtualized systems}, doi={10.1109/W-FiCloud.2016.18}, month={Aug},}
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