Progress Report Meeting - May 2017

Event dates: 
Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 09:00 to Friday, May 5, 2017 - 18:00

Progress Report Meetings

Meeting rooms at École Polytechnique de montréal

  • Thursday May 4:  9:00 - 18:00  L-4812 LTTng, Trace Compass Demos and Hackathon 
  • Friday May 5:  9:00 - 18:00  M-2004 Presentations

Participation is by invitation. The target audience is the project participants and guests of the project sponsors.

Tursday, May, 4 2017, From 9:00 to 18:00

LTTng, Trace Compass Demos and Hackathon 

Start time End time Presenter Subject Description
9:00 9:15   Breakfast and welcome  
9:15 18:00  Hackathon

Informal hacking/tutorial on LTTng and Trace Compass. Come with your questions and projects and we'll all work on it together, or in small groups. Depending on the demand, some more formal sessions may be scheduled for those interested. We have the room all day. Bring your laptop or your whole desktop!

18:45 21:30   Dinner at 18:45, Restaurant Le Margaux​

Friday,  May 5 2017

Software Debugging and Monitoring for Heterogeneous Many-Core Telecom Systems (HSDM)

Start time End time Presenter Subject Description
9:00 9:15   Breakfast and welcome  
9:15 9:30 Pr. Michel Dagenais Introduction to HSDM Brief description of the project's objectives, its organization and the participants and overview of progress made in the last months.
9:30 9:50 Hani Nemati/ Pr. Michel Dagenais Progresses in Virtual Machine Analysis  
9:50 10:10 Abderrahmane Benbachir/Pr. Michel Dagenais Virtual Machine Bootup Analysis  
10:10 10:20 Suchakra Sharma /Pr. Michel Dagenais Trace Aggregation and Storage with eBPF   
10:20 10:35 Francisco Melo junior/Pr. Michel Dagenais Comparison of traces  
10:35 10:50 Break  
10:50 11:25 Efficios LTTng update  
11:25 12:00 Ericsson Trace Correlation Algorithms and Tools  
12:00 12:10 Yonni Chen Kuang/ Pr. Michel Dagenais LTTng Web View  
12:10 13:30 Lunch                  (L4812)
13:30 13:40 Hili /Pr. Juergen Dingel Interactive monitoring in Papyrus-RT  
13:40 14:50 Bagherzadeh /Pr. Juergen Dingel Model-level, platform-independent debugging in the context of the model-driven development of real-time systems  
13:50 14:00 Reza Ahmadi /Pr. Juergen Dingel Model-level unit testing of UML-RT models  
14:00 14:10 Karim Jahed Hot Patching Model Changes in Papyrus-RT  
14:10 14:15 Michal Pasternak Model-based Prototyping of Real-time Systems With PapyrusRT and Unity  
14:15 14:20 Harshith Vasanth Gayathri Model-driven development of software for the PolarSys Rover using Papyrus-RT  
14:20 14:25

Sudharshan Gopikrishnan

Customizing Papyrus-RT to facilitate the model-driven development of rover software  
14:25 14:35 Kanchan Nair Optimizing Software Build Process of Papyrus-RT By Seamless Integration of Code Generation and EMFCompare  
14:35 14:55 Houssem Daoud/ Pr. Michel Dagenais Analyzing Memory Management Mechanisms Based on Trace Events  
14:55 15:15 Naser Ezzati/Pr. Michel Dagenais LTTng & Trace Compass and Open Tracing API  
15:15 15:30 Break    
15:30 15:40 Adel Belkhiri Virtual Machine and Containers Analysis  
15:40 16:00 Paul Margheritta/Pr. Michel Dagenais GPU Tracing and Profiling  
16:00 16:20 Didier Nadeau/Pr. Michel Dagenais Large Scale Debugging